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This website is aiming to be a complete directory for all Muay Thai clubs in the UK

User Guide

User Guide

Add Entry.

If you would like to add your club to the directory simply click, Add Entry and fill in as much detail as possible on the form supplied. Once you have completed the form and submitted it, we will check the details and approve the listing.

Search Facility.

You can search by City/Town, Club, instructor or postcode. Just type into the search field and await the results.

Extended Search.

Use the extended search facility by clicking on the search icon, clicking Extended Search, then using the drop down menu to select details already added by Clubs within the Directory, i.e: Club, City/Town, County, or Postcode.

You only have to select information from one menu for the search to work. If you enter details in two fields which do not match, the results will be 0, i.e. If you enter a town and a county, but that town is not located in that county the results will conflict and be 0. Where as if you search individually i.e, town, you will get the results for all the clubs in that town, and if you search, county you will get all the clubs in that county.

If any clubs wishes to advertise on the muaythaiclubs banner we charge £50 inclusive per insertion annually. Please send all pre designed artwork to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please NOTE we will only accept pre designed artwork we will not be held responsible for any design faults or incorrect wording  If you would like to change the advert within the allocated 12 monthswe will charge a further £35 per new insertion. 

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